SEB Bank Uniforms

Dresscode is part of Vacherin’s preferred list of suppliers, which means that we get the opportunity to work with a vast variety of different business around London through recommendation.

One of our latest client is the Swedish bank chain SEB.

The requirements for the brief was that the uniforms that were modern, sleek and with a tiny pop of the brand’s corporate lime green.

Dresscode used the base of the beautiful Lisa Jacket from our Ready to Wear collection.

We selected a soft grey in a high quality stretch viscose and contrasted the collar in black to make it stand out. We added a pop of the lime green on the outer edge of the pockets to maintain the modern style and also draw the eye in.

Overall its another successful project!


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Fabric and Uniforms

Fabric and Uniforms

Finding the right fabric is one of the most important factors when it comes to designing and creating the perfect uniform. Too many of us know the torment of an uncomfortable, hot and itchy fabric (not to mention when you have to spend the whole day working in it!)

That is why at Dresscode, we only offer fabrics with very specific qualities and always of a high standard.

 There are a few things to consider when looking at work wear fabric:

  1. Stretch: we always try to offer fabric with some stretch, especially when it comes to skirts and trousers. Staff, no matter how active or inactive their role is, need to move around and feel comfortable, so a fabric that can move along with you in vital. In jackets, stretch is always welcomed too, although if opting for a natural fiber such as wool, there will be some stretch along the weft of the fabric naturally.
  2. Synthetic: A common misunderstanding when it comes to fabric is that all synthetic material (polyester, viscose, elastane etc) are bad. However, as technology has improved, so has the quality of man made fabrics. These days, they have the potential to provide the best of both worlds a) good quality fabric b) all the added bonuses of extra durable, easy wash care, non-iron etc. As with any thing you need to know what to look for as there is a lot of bad synthetic fibres out there but with our team of experts, Dresscode will make it easy for you.
  3. Care instructions: No matter how beautiful or how special a fabric is, when it comes to uniforms it has to be practical to maintain. Loose weaves and delicate fibres should be avoided, as these can pull and rip easily- not to mention they are a nightmare to wash. When we can, we always search for fabrics that can be machine washed at 30degrees, and then we let our clients decide whether they would like to dry clean or not.
  4. Ethically sourced: At Dresscode, we take ethical values very seriously. This is why we will only source fabrics from reputable mills, mainly around the UK and Europe. This is not to say that the far east doesn’t produce good quality fabric, but as a British brand we will always lean towards fabric mills where we know the working conditions are fair and that the quality is of a high standard.
  5. Stock availability: It is important to us that we know that we can go back to a mill and re order the exact same fabric in 6months time, 1 year, 5 years even! This cannot always be 100% guaranteed, but we do all we can to minimise the risk. To do this, we always ask about stock availability and chances of it being re- stocked. This way our clients can continue with their favourite uniform collection without risking the fabric changing on their next order.
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Don't be scared of new uniforms..Here's why!

Don't be scared of new uniforms..Here's why!

We think the hospitality business is truly one of the best industries to be a part of. The people who work here are friendly, passionate, ambitious and fun.

There is one thing, though, that most of our clients have had a terrible experience with...you guessed it uniforms!!

Most of our clients either, a) have their staff dressed in a terrible uniform that all the employees are complaining about b) have avoided getting uniforms altogether and either go to the high street or allow staff to wear what they want, because of one or more bad uniform experiences in the past. Which of course leads to inconsistency and more hassle than not.

This is both good and bad news for us at Dresscode.

It's bad, because our clients are sceptical to begin with, given their past experiences.

But at the same time it’s incredibly good because Dresscode gets the opportunity to prove to our clients that this doesn't have to be the case, and that uniforms can actually bring a fun and positive element to their work life!

At Dresscode we truly understand the questions that our clients face, because they are usually always the same! It's fit, functionality and style.

To address these issues one by one: 

FIT: We hire expert pattern cutters who also work with big fashion names, who understand and work every day with fashion and can perfect the fit of a garment with ease. No shortcuts or outdated tailors. 


FUNCTIONALITY: We are practical, we understand that hotels are not run ways and staff actually have to be able to perform and work well in their attire. We overcome functionality with innovative design details, like bespoke pockets, fabric with stretch and easy-care and styles that won’t restrict movement.


STYLE: With a background in luxury fashion, our designer Diana Christie studied in the prestigious Parsons Paris and chose to leave the world of high fashion to bring what she knows in trends, styles, fabric and innovation. 


So, don’t be scared. Our clients can assure you that uniforms can bring a positive experience, for managers, staff and clients. Just give us a ring ;)



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Case Study: Uniforms for KUDU

Case Study: Uniforms for KUDU

At Dresscode we get all kinds of uniform requests ranging from five star hotels to restaurant food chains. So when Saudi based restaurant chain KUDU approached us asking for an elevated uniform look for their chefs we jumped at the opportunity.

KUDU is one of the top 10 fastest growing businesses in Saudi Arabia, with over 327 restaurants in the country. The concept of KUDU is to have the preparation of food visible to the customers, conveying that all their food is freshly prepared, and to a high quality. When the KUDU team asked our designer, Diana Christie, to come up with ideas to depict a bold, fun, and high quality image for their uniforms the fist thought was that it must be in the form of a modern day chef. This was in order to give the chefs and the food the respect they deserve.



 Following the design proposal, the Kudu team selected the 5th look and we are proud to announce that the client loved their chosen uniforms as they felt that these really elevated the overall brand positioning, and we couldn't agree more! Take a look below at the commercial that went on all of Saudi Arabia’s main tv channels: 

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Case Study: The Nadler Hotels

Case Study: The Nadler Hotels

Dresscode are very proud to have worked with some great clients so far, and one them is the Nadler Hotel Group.

With an array of hospitality awards (winning Traveller Choice awards 2017, Trip advisors Certificate of excellence as well as 4.7/ 5 customer review rating) the Nadler Hotels are beautifully designed group of boutique hotels which have a unique approach of partnering with their buzzing local community, offering special dining discounts for their customers and encouraging them to explore their surroundings rather than stay inside the hotel with room service.

The owner Robert is a savvy business man, but also very charming and welcoming. His team have been an absolute pleasure to work with and all his staff are equally friendly and upbeat.

For their uniform, we wanted to keep the design sleek and modern to match the brand of the hotel, so naturally opted for all black suits for men and women. The Nalder logo is embroidered onto the wrist area of the jacket sleeve, so that when guests are greeted they catch a glimpse of the sleek logo and immediately notice the attention to detail the hotel holds. The fabric is an Italian stretch fabric which has been used by high end fashion companies such as Prada for the past 15 years.


Needless to say the staff are happy and confident in their new uniforms and Robert Nadler has kindly commented “Overall the consistency of the look and the logo on the arm make for a much improved first impression. It has been both fun and productive working with Dresscode Uniforms.” 

For us at Dresscode, it has been a pleasure working with Nalder Hotels!

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The Independent Hotel Show 2017

The Independent Hotel Show 2017

Each year hospitality professionals gather at Olympia London for The Independent Hotel show where hundreds of the best suppliers in the industry gather to meet and discuss their products with hoteliers from the luxury, boutique and independent hotel sector.

Dresscode have attended this event for two years now, and each time our team have had such a lovely time meeting our clients and talking about our uniforms.

This event has gone from strength to strength, each year reaching its full capacity with both suppliers and visitors. I think this success is largely due to the industry's shift in focus on how to stand out from the competition, where quirky and original ideas are gaining the most interest. There is a decreased interest in hotel chains with the same repetitive branding, colours, and labelling and boutique hotels with a sense of authenticity are driving the trends and attracting the customers. 

Both years we have been situated next to the Innovation Stage, which is where experts talk about the changes happening in their field, and crowds gather to listen to their wisdom. This year there was a focus on hotels and social media, and the use of new technology. Augmented reality was also a hot topic but there was always something insightful going on and of course, lots of Buzz! 

We're hoping to return next year, and in the meantime we are enjoying discussing future uniform possibilities with clients from this year's event.

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Humans V.S Artificial Intelligence in Hospitality

Humans V.S Artificial Intelligence in Hospitality

When it comes to technology, the whole world seems to be moving at an incredibly fast pace. Every day it seems that a simple object has been transformed into a #supersonichightechultraswankytimesaving machine. The other day I saw an electronic tape measure with no tape, which to someone in the fashion industry is pretty shocking!

Gadgets are all well and good, but when it comes to human Artificial Intelligence, how far will we be willing to go?

In hospitality, customer service is at the forefront of the industry, so does that mean that they can really use A.I to the best of their advantage, or will the industry experience a devastating back lash if a warm smile is replaced by a cold hunk of metal? 

One of Dresscode’s clients had been playing with the idea of having machines welcoming guests at the lobby of their hotel with a screen that says “Hello, Please Check in Here.” I was asked what my thoughts were on this and to me there was no grey area- I know I would feel hugely disappointed. For me, part of the excitement of going into a hotel is having a chat with the concierge and them showing me to my room with a nice welcoming smile. Replace that with a button on a screen and the experience just isn't the same.

I do understand from a hoteliers point of view, the savings that could be made, not to mention the lack of complaints/ sick days/ bad days but wouldn't the hospitality world be a much bleaker place?

The future is uncertain, and although when it comes to technology there are a huge amount of wonderful inventions that are being used for the greater good, but when will enough be enough? Will we ever see the end of real customer service in the hospitality sector or, will we push through and stick together to keep the hotel experience the best experience.

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IoH Annual Awards Event 2017

IoH Annual Awards Event 2017

Being experts in hospitality and excellence, it is no surprise that The Institute of Hospitality know how to put on a show stopping event.

It was a pleasure to have been invited to attend The Annual Awards Dinner at the Montcalm Hotel on 20th June to celebrate the best in the hospitality. Prestigious awards were given, delicious wine was devoured and the most delightful food was eaten.



It was with great pleasure that Dresscode accepted the invitation to dress the staff in our uniforms for such an exciting event, and of course we jumped at the opportunity. 

The female staff were dressed in one of our best sellers “Ashley Apron” which is made from 100% cotton and luxury Italian gros grains and bias binding. The men were sporting our brand new “Alexander Apron” which has a waistcoat feature and luxury bias binding throughout. 

The staff truly did stand out and we were delighted to receive so many compliments on the quality and style of the uniforms that night.

I very was very pleased to see the staff feeling proud in the uniforms we provided.

At Dresscode, our main mission is to make the staff feel good in what they are wearing. To often they are forced to wear uncomfortable, ill fitting and unstylish uniforms that in conjunction with affecting their confidence, it also affects their service which is bad news for everyone involved.

Thanks again to IoH for putting on such a fantastic event and we at Dresscode look forward to many more to come!

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How Millennial’s Spending Habits Benefit the Hospitality Industry

How Millennial’s Spending Habits Benefit the Hospitality Industry

Baby Boomers and even Generation X are increasingly perplexed by the changes seen in the spending habits of the new millennial generation. Many companies are reinventing themselves to appeal to a generation who are projected to have an annual spending power of $200 Billon US Dollar within the next five years, and companies are actively seeking ways to capture their interests (and wallets).

I recently transitioned from the fashion industry to the hospitality industry. I was curious to find out how the future looked in terms of spending trends and the findings are promising!  

According to a recent study millennials are 39% more likely to spend their earnings on experiences, rather than objects (such as expensive clothing, jewelry, cars, etc.). This is great news for the hospitality industry as travel is increasingly important for millennials, although at the same time the established hospitality industry will have to adapt fast to be part of the change as we, the millennials, are reinventing the “where to stay and where to sleep experience” so that we pay less and get to visit more new and exotic places. This is said to be frustrating for the older generations as this is going against consumer patterns which our economy have been playing off for decades. 

Being a millennial myself, it seems that I am the living proof- I rarely spend money on expensive shoes but would much rather splash on a nice holiday, staying at a top hotel and spend money making memories, rather than an over flowing wardrobe! 

This is why, we believe its important for the hospitality industries to invest in their staff, the hotel interior, the service and so on to really make the most out of this exciting new trend.

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Happy Staff, Happy Client! Here’s How:

Happy Staff, Happy Client! Here’s How:

Why is it so important for staff to be happy in order to have satisfied customers?

Richard Branson famously said, “If you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers” it seems fairly straight forward, yet so many companies fail to live by this mantra. 

What are we left with? Staff who feel undervalued, unappreciated and moody are essentially the number one reason why clients don’t return or worst- leave that dreaded customer review on social media for the whole world to see!

We’ve all been there, and witnessed first handedly how impactful customer service can be.

This is particularly true within the hospitality industry.  In this field, customer service is the main focus, whether getting pampered at a spa, feeling at home in a hotel or being looked after by a waitress. It really is all about the staff and how they handle themselves and the customer.

Here I have suggested 3 easy ways to value your staff and in return, your clients will feel valued and satisfied too.


We all know that when we look good, we feel good. So when companies force their staff to wear ugly (or worst- embarrassing) clothing to work it is no surprise that the negative energy soars within the establishment and ultimately, customers will always sense this.

Millennials can be fussy and difficult, but if you know what triggers them, they are also quite simple. Dress them in a trendy uniform that fits well and makes them feel proud. You will see the difference in energy levels and customer reviews…instantly. 


Train them to be their very best. To the point where they are much more valuable after they joined your team, than when they first arrived. Many companies worry about employees gaining the knowledge experience needed to nail their job, only to leave the following month. But train them well and treat them better- this will guarantee that they stay and become an invaluable asset to your team for years to come.


Take time out of your day to chat to your staff. Ask them how they are doing, what suggestions they might have for improving their day or even ask about their significant other to show that you are interested in their well being and overall happiness.

If they feel like you actually care about them, they will go above and beyond to help you and that is the most invaluable payback you can receive.

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