Spotlight on : Sustainability

Spotlight on : Sustainability

It’s 2019 & one of the trends in Hospitality this year is Sustainability. People are becoming more & more sensitive to environmental as well as social issues,  therefore social responsibility has become both a moral & an economic obligation.

Recent shifts in the hospitality industry responded to that trend, making green travel a necessity when once upon a time “Sustainable” & “Luxury” would not be used in the same sentence & businesses would be one or the other.

Considering that the UN declared 2017 “The International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development”, it...

Womenswear Tailoring Trends

Womenswear Tailoring Trends

Tailoring pieces have been a long time staple in women’s work wardrobes. Recently, they became even more popular as global fashion search engine Lyst says that searches for “suits” have surged by 23 % in the last three months. As women also start wearing suits outside of the work place, let’s look at this season’s tailoring key trends !

 I - Shapes

A modern take on the classic pantsuit silhouette : ruched sleeve blazers & high waisted culottes. Chic & effortless, it’s also all in the comfort this season.



Menswear Tailoring Trends

Menswear Tailoring Trends


Today’s tailoring trends are less suited-and-booted than suited-and-sneakered. The new suits are an elevated, luxe version of the streetwear styles men already know. Here are a few key trends for 2019.


Dressed down : The ultimate SS19 vibe is to kill the idea that a suit is uncomfortable. Men are favouring a more casual dress code & are going for something that looks smart but feels relaxed. Think white tee & trainers instead of the classic shirt & tie attire.

SEB Bank Uniforms

Dresscode is part of Vacherin’s preferred list of suppliers, which means that we get the opportunity to work with a vast variety of different business around London through recommendation.

One of our latest client is the Swedish bank chain SEB.

The requirements for the brief was that the uniforms that were modern, sleek and with a tiny pop of the brand’s corporate lime green.

Dresscode used the base of the beautiful Lisa Jacket from our Ready to Wear collection.

We selected a soft grey in a high quality stretch viscose and contrasted the collar in black to make it stand...

Fabric and Uniforms

Fabric and Uniforms

Finding the right fabric is one of the most important factors when it comes to designing and creating the perfect uniform. Too many of us know the torment of an uncomfortable, hot and itchy fabric (not to mention when you have to spend the whole day working in it!)

That is why at Dresscode, we only offer fabrics with very specific qualities and always of a high standard.

 There are a few things to consider when looking at work wear fabric:

  1. Stretch: we always try to offer fabric with some...

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