Capsule wardrobe

As people are verging towards quality as appose to quantity, the capsule wardrobe is on the rise. Sustainability and leaning away from fast fashion are 2 of many reasons why people are leaning toward this way of thinking.


A capsule wardrobe is a small selection of clothes that are interchangeable so that there are many different outfits that can be produced. Some people decide to be very strict with this and have a set amount of clothes that won’t alter and others use it as a loose guide. Products quantities can range anywhere from as little as 10 to as many as 50. This all depends on you as an individual and your habits. For example, if you live alone having only 10 items wouldn’t be very effective as you could then only do half loads in the washing machine.


One basic way of looking at this is the 4x4 wardrobe as Janice from the Vivienne Files discusses. The first 4 are core items all in the same neutral colour, 2 tops and 2 bottoms. Followed by another 4 core items in a second neutral colour; 2 tops and 2 bottoms. The 3rd row should be 4 tops in anything that goes with the 2 natural colours picked from the first 2 rows; here you can start to introduce prints. The final 4 items should be at least 2 tops with perhaps a dress or bottoms. These final 4 items are to address any areas you may feel insecure about.


These can also change seasonally. It is advised to have a spring/summer wardrobe and an autumn/winter wardrobe; however some people choose to have one for each season or just one wardrobe. Having fewer items also means less time trying to decide what to wear in the morning, but having separate wardrobes for different seasons ensures that you won’t get bored of the items that you do have. 


In winter key items may be a high neck or roll neck top that you can layer and a thick wooly jumper. Whereas summer calls for more floaty items, perhaps a long thin cardigan to help with cool breezes or a white button blouse.


It is vital to choose colours and patterns that you aren’t going to get bored of, choose styles that you love long term and not just while they’re on trend. Just be you through and through. 

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