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You may have noticed, but we are always striving to be more sustainable. Following on from one of our previous blog posts ‘Sustainably Chic’, we are now looking into the end life of our packaging and how we may be able to reduce our environmental impact. As stated on National Geographic, 40 percent of plastic produced is packaging, used just once and then discarded. We did not want to add to this statistic.


Packaging has been adapting a lot the last few years. From the introduction of a charge for single-use plastic carrier bags, which has dramatically reduced the amount of single use plastic bags used in the UK, to more innovative designs such as IKEA using Mushroom packaging as a replacement to polystyrene. This packaging can start to biodegrade after a few weeks in comparison to polystyrene that takes thousands of years.


One element we tend to use for delivering medium to large orders, is cardboard boxes. As stated on DSSmith, cardboard is one of the materials with the least environmental impacts; it is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. With smaller orders we use suitcases or garment bags which we re-use again and again, to reduce the amount of waste we are creating.


However one element that we had a problem with was the garment covers. At Dresscode we try to keep our carbon footprint down and so we use public transportation for delivering goods where possible and will often walk from station to delivery; therefore garments need to be kept clean and in good order throughout the journey. Garment covers do this in the best way, however generally speaking aren’t the most sustainable. To counter this we have recently sourced 100% degradable garment bags.


If you have any suggestions for how we can improve our packaging, we are always interested in learning more.

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