Menswear - Styles For Different Dress Codes

As we go into the warmer weather, the new seasons styles bring optimism and creative energy especially after the bleak few seasons in lockdown. From metallics to varsity jackets and with colours such as pink and green. Below are some ways this can be styled depending on your workplace dress code. 



The casual dress code is one without too many rules. So use this to your advantage, this is your chance to wear cloths that are your style and you’re ultimately comfortable in. Roomy shirts are very much in this SS22 as seen on Dior and Wales Bonner, they will keep you cool in the summer. Pair with some slim fit chinos or jeans.  


Business Casual

Shirt-jackets or “shackets” have been used in place of blazers, shown at Giorgio Armani and Homme Plissé. This adds a more comfortable casual look perfect for this kind of dress code. 


Business Professional

Oversized has been popular for SS22 as can be seen below with garments from Fendi. Green has also been seen on the catwalks as a step back into nature, with a display of varying shades. You can see below that this has also been combined with the oversized look for Ermenegildo Zegna's catwalk.


Business Formal 

Make a statement with bright colours as can be seen below by Jim Sander with the pastel pink suit. Alternatively if this is not practical in your work place use the bold colours as a statement as can be seen in the Louis Vuitton black suit with lime green notes.


What outfits make you feel confident at work? Let us know.

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