Trends in Hospitality

Trends in Hospitality

Like many industries at the moment, the hospitality industry is experiencing some pretty hefty changes which are all re shaping the way we interact with the concept of travel and hotels.

With a growing millennial market, having an estimated 170 billion dollar buying power, the hospitality industry is paying close attention to what might lure them in. Hotels and leisure facilities are becoming more distinctive and cutting edge in order to grab their attention (and keep it.)

But what are these trends? As a fellow millennial, I can attest to the following:


A study has...

10 Tips for a Perfectly Fitting Suit

10 Tips for a Perfectly Fitting Suit

When it comes to men's suits, there are many elements to consider to ensure the wearer feels comfortable and looks sharp.

We have put together a simple step by step checklist to ensure a perfectly fitting suit.


To ensure the collar looks good, make sure it lies smoothly against the back of your shirt collar. There shouldn't be any significant gaps between your jacket collar and your shirt collar. 


The armhole seam should hit exactly where the shoulder ends. There should be no wrinkling along the shoulder line. Make sure there is no 'dip' after the seam because...

Tips for Choosing Staff Uniforms

Tips for Choosing Staff Uniforms

It can be tricky enough dressing yourself each morning, so choosing an outfit for an entire team can be a daunting thought.

At Dresscode, we have come up with a few key elements to consider when choosing your staff uniform to ensure everyone feels comfortable and confident in what they are wearing.


1. FIT 

People come in all shapes and sizes which is why selecting the right fit is crucial.

The best solution to this problem is choosing styles that flatter all body shapes.

- For females, avoid styles which are tight around the bust. 

- Skirts are generally...

The Problem with Buying Hospitality Uniforms from from the High Street

The Problem with Buying Hospitality Uniforms from from the High Street

Branding and image is important for every business, we all know this. So why do managers still insist on buying cheap, ill fitting, un-inspiring grey, uniforms for their staff?

I believe it’s not because they think it looks good, but because there are little options out there. 

Most uniform companies have websites that haven't been updated since 1995 and offer styles that reflect this.

In speaking with hospitality managers, most of the trendy hotels have had to turn to the high street to dress their staff, shopping at companies like Gap, Levis, H&M etc because they simply can’t find the...

Why I Dropped a Career in Luxury Fashion, and became a Uniform Designer

Why I Dropped a Career in Luxury Fashion, and became a Uniform Designer

A few years ago, the question “so, what do you do?” used to be a simple one. 

I was working in one of the most prestigious fashion brands in the world (think trench coats and checkered lining) and the reaction to my answer was often one of surprise and awe.

Unfortunately, the glamour ended there. 

Although working in high fashion is exciting and dynamic there was also a feeling of complete void, of working towards something that felt pointless and unnecessary. Making gowns worth thousands of pounds for celebrities to would wear once, only to throw it in a pile...

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