Founded by London based designer Diana Christie, Dresscode aims to reinvent the uniform industry with stylish, innovative and practical work wear.
At Dresscode we understand that we are living in an era where the modernisation of staff uniforms is essential to enable a hospitality business to stay ahead of the competition.
Keeping up with the times is key, and so is valuing each member of staff as an individual. We believe that the path to high staff morale, increased staff retention and greater productivity is determined by the way the staff look and feel.
We work within and cater for all branches of the service industry, partnering closely with our clients to design, create and produce bespoke uniforms that can give your business a truly unique edge. We also offer a selection of ready to wear collections for Restaurants, Hotels and Spas which can be customised to your requirements, reflecting your vision for your business.
Thank you for your support, and we look forward to bringing uniqueness to the environment you work in.