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Dresscode have recently signed up to Common Objective, this is a organisation that connects individuals and businesses with content, training, sustainable suppliers, buyers and experts. Common objective believe that people, planet and profits should be considered equally fundamental for businesses to succeed, and we couldn’t agree more.


Common Objective offer training courses and we have been undertaking these to keep up to date with sustainable developments. We have recently completed and passed the ‘Understanding Sustainable Fabrics’ Course. Where we learnt in greater details the processes that fabrics are made and their impacts on the planet. It was especially interesting to learn more about Modal and Lyocell fabrics and the suppliers most closely associated with them and we are currently sourcing samples to offer to future clients.

Many of our jackets and blazers are made from 100% British wool, and so learning about the processes used to make wool fabric was also of interest. Wool is very recyclable and we have started to implement offering a service at the end of the product life so that we can optimise the amount of fabric to be recycled or reused.


Here we also leant more about certifications, how these certifications are achieved and their main purposes. These certifications have 5 key areas; Fibre standards, Chemical control, Labour rights and working conditions, Circular standards, and Fairtrade. We are now actively sourcing materials with these certifications, where possible.


It was intriguing to see the innovative ideas coming forward with regards to fabrics. The fabrics made from orange fibres or pineapple to traditional techniques and machinery being adapted and modernised to compete with current demands. Dr Kate Goldsworthy, lead researcher at the Textile Futures Centre, says: 

This is a fascinating example of how the latest technology can be used to preserve and protect traditional craft processes.  This is super valuable as a way to preserve not only tradition but also industry and keep it flourishing locally in an ever more global supply-chain."


Our next course is ‘switching to sustainable fabrics’, so watch this space.


A date for your diary: The Common Objective Expo will be taking place between 9th - 12th March 2022.

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