Uniforms Reimagined

We may be a little biased but we really love uniforms, want to know why?


Building communities and connections in the work place is important so that employees feel as though they are where they belong. Uniforms bring individuals together in solidarity, especially when these individuals have been involved in the decision making for this element that unites them. In theory, this will make employees feel as though they can speak up and be a valued member of the team. As stated on entrepeneurshiplife.com “employees with uniforms tend to be invested in mutual growth and care about their colleagues.”


As we say so often, we do truly believe that when staff wear clothes they feel confident in, they will naturally perform better.  It’s well-known in psychology that what you wear influences your mindset and you the way you act. This can effect many things from detail-orientation to productivity. So one element that Dresscode offers is uniform variety, which may be different from company to company but could be a range of different garments in the same colours and fabrics. It allows employees to choose certain styles that they feel more confident in yet still creating that uniformity. Modernised and on trend uniforms can also increase workplace morale, making the employees feel valued.


In addition to this think about all the time that could be saved, a study by Marks & Spencer found it took women an average of 17 minutes to decide on an outfit each day and 20% of men have thrown their clothes in anger as a result of not being able to find the right piece. Let’s be honest, we have all been irritated by this at some point.


An important factor is of course branding, chances are a lot of staff have contact with many potential clients, customers etc.. Thorough recruitment processes ensure that these individuals fit in with the company culture and ethos, but why stop there? The uniform fully connects these individuals with the brand image. Having a uniform makes it easier to identify people who can answer any queries or help with any concerns. Improving that all important customer service and ensuring they come back again.


Why do you love uniforms? Let us know.

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