The Problem with Buying Hospitality Uniforms from from the High Street

Branding and image is important for every business, we all know this. So why do managers still insist on buying cheap, ill fitting, un-inspiring grey, uniforms for their staff?

I believe it’s not because they think it looks good, but because there are little options out there. 

Most uniform companies have websites that haven't been updated since 1995 and offer styles that reflect this.

In speaking with hospitality managers, most of the trendy hotels have had to turn to the high street to dress their staff, shopping at companies like Gap, Levis, H&M etc because they simply can’t find the styles they are looking for to match their trendy image.

This would make sense, if only fast fashion wasn't that fast and didn’t change stock every 6 weeks.

So what these hotels/ restaurants/ spas are left with is a mix-match of uniforms from several seasons of Zara because the blazer they agreed on in March is no longer available for their new staff member in June.

This is a problem that I feel should be fixed as soon as possible. 

The solution?

At Dresscode we create all our uniforms bespoke to each business, meaning we will always be able to remake garments at any given time, avoiding the headache of shopping for the new staff members when they are hired.

With the hospitality industry having a notoriously high staff turnover, relying on availability of stock of high street uniforms is a costly option that does not reflect the care and pride taken in developing and promoting the hotel brand and image. 

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