The Brief 


The team at St Botolph wanted a uniform that was trendy, classical and elegant.
There was a special emphasis on the quality of fabric and the comfort of all uniforms to ensure staff felt comfortable as well as fashionable. The Botolph building is a prestigious and well respected building based in central London, opening in 2010, it is one of the most modern and forward thinking establishments in London.


Dresscode's Solution 


For the ladies, we offered the trendy ‘Chanel’ style jacket, and opted for a pop of pink to make the uniforms really stand out. For the dress, we opted for a classic cut in a stretch fabric which will allow for comfort but also a very flattering silhouette. The belt was made bespoke for the team using the same fabric as the dress which brings the whole look together. The silver buttons complimented the steel look of the interior of the building. For the men, we selected a beautiful english plaid wool for the jacket, and paired it with modern stretch trousers and waistcoat to add youth and edge to the overall look.


Client Feedback 


‘We’ve had so many compliments about the new uniforms, the staff look great.” Conrad Olwagen, Reception Manager