The Nadler


The Brief 

Nadler Hotels go against the grain of traditional hotel groups in many ways, not least because their hotels are designed "from a guest's perspective”. Regarding the uniforms, they had gone through many pitches but felt as though none of the suppliers truly understood their needs. The were looking for sleek, modern uniforms that would fit in with their brand. They wanted a style that was contemporary, but flattering to all body shapes. Something that acted like a uniform, but did not carry the typical uniform stigma.

Dresscode's Solution

Dresscode came up with a range of designs that would suit the needs of the client, and when it came to selecting the right one, they felt spoilt for choice. They went for the angular centre front for male and female staff, with a sleeve embroidery in gun metal to add a bit of edge to the uniform. The fabric was a luxurious Italian stretch, which had been used by Prada for the past 15 years. We gave the staff matching skirts and trousers for the ultimate sleek look.

Client feedback


“It was both fun and productive working with Dresscode Uniforms.” Robert Nadler, CEO