Copy of Ready to Wear

Dresscode offer a Ready to Wear Collection where our clients can choose from a variety of uniform styles displayed below, and still be able to select bespoke fabric and trims.

This is a great option for business with a tighter time frame but still want an outstanding uniform.

Contact our designer, Diana Christie, for a free initial consultation and more information on time line and prices.


Ines Jacket, Lola Trousers

Collarless Ines jacket, great for all body shapes and sizes.

Elegant but also very sleek and modern.

Lola trousers are straight leg and high waisted, for a modern and comfortable fit.

Ester Jacket, Stella Skirt

Our classical Ester jacket is practical, professional but also unique with a hidden button plaque, which when left open gives a beautiful detail.

The Stella skirt is the perfect length and fit for comfort combined with elegance.

Eva Dress

The effortless Eva dress is a wonderfully practical dress.

Looks great on its own or underneath a jacket, depending on the business's branding and needs.

Penelope Dress

A romantic look, ideal for hostesses and front of house.

The Penelope dress is effortless and flatters all body types.

Lisa Jacket, Stella Skirt

A sharp and distinguished look, the Lisa jacket has strong design aesthetic which will make your uniform stand out for all the right reasons.

The Stella skirt is comfortable and always flattering.

Zena Jacket

This double breasted Zena jacket is modern and edgy yet wonderfully professional at the same time.