Womenswear Tailoring Trends

Tailoring pieces have been a long time staple in women’s work wardrobes. Recently, they became even more popular as global fashion search engine Lyst says that searches for “suits” have surged by 23 % in the last three months. As women also start wearing suits outside of the work place, let’s look at this season’s tailoring key trends ! 


I - Shapes

 A modern take on the classic pantsuit silhouette : ruched sleeve blazers & high waisted culottes. Chic & effortless, it’s also all in the comfort this season.


Flared trousers. Skinny shapes are fading, leaving space for straight & wide legged trousers, that make a bolder statement. Flared trousers are flattering on most body shapes & elongate the silhouette. 

Borrow from the boys : a double breasted blazer with high waisted wide slacks adapted to the female form offers a modern spin on traditional masculine tailoring. A silk blouse & heels soften the sartorial look. 


Oversized styles with structured shoulders (shoulder pads) have made a come back from the 80’s as the ultimate power suit. They bring an updated vintage feel, bigger is better


Short suits instead of trousers. High waisted & a short length to elongate the legs, they’re a trendy alternative to a pant suit, especially when worn with an open blazer. This option gives you the full look with the whole comfort & perfect for the warmer days.


The cinched-in blazer. A versatile look that’s been gradually rising the ranks over the course of the last few years & not going away anytime soon. 

II - Colours


Neutral colored suits are a key trend for the current season, bringing a minimalist edge. Think camel, shades of grey & cream

Bright colours such as pink or yellow are seen everywhere at the moment & are a good alternative to avoid sartorial overkill. 

Black is the new black. You can never go wrong with a classic black or dark colored suit. 






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