Case Study: Uniforms for KUDU

At Dresscode we get all kinds of uniform requests ranging from five star hotels to restaurant food chains. So when Saudi based restaurant chain KUDU approached us asking for an elevated uniform look for their chefs we jumped at the opportunity.

KUDU is one of the top 10 fastest growing businesses in Saudi Arabia, with over 327 restaurants in the country. The concept of KUDU is to have the preparation of food visible to the customers, conveying that all their food is freshly prepared, and to a high quality. When the KUDU team asked our designer, Diana Christie, to come up with ideas to depict a bold, fun, and high quality image for their uniforms the fist thought was that it must be in the form of a modern day chef. This was in order to give the chefs and the food the respect they deserve.



 Following the design proposal, the Kudu team selected the 5th look and we are proud to announce that the client loved their chosen uniforms as they felt that these really elevated the overall brand positioning, and we couldn't agree more! Take a look below at the commercial that went on all of Saudi Arabia’s main tv channels: 

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