Trends in Hospitality

Like many industries at the moment, the hospitality industry is experiencing some pretty hefty changes which are all re shaping the way we interact with the concept of travel and hotels.

With a growing millennial market, having an estimated 170 billion dollar buying power, the hospitality industry is paying close attention to what might lure them in. Hotels and leisure facilities are becoming more distinctive and cutting edge in order to grab their attention (and keep it.)

But what are these trends? As a fellow millennial, I can attest to the following:


A study has shown that millennials would rather stay in a quirky boutique hotel, with unique features rather than a standardised (and somewhat outdated) large corporate hotel chain.This has resulted in a boom of trendy small hotels that offer something truly authentic.

The big players have caught onto this trend and are now branching out with smaller and more trendy sub contacted hotels, who's managing team have free reign to design everything from the floor to the ceiling- without a set of stuffy rules to abide by.

An example of a hotel doing this is Curio by Hilton. It has all the bargaining power behind the Hilton brand, but they are reinventing themselves as a leader in the boutique arena.


There has been a huge surge in demand for trendy staff uniforms. Mangers and owners have come to the realisation that an ill-fitting grey suit just won’t cut it anymore. Personalisation goes a long way with millennials, so when they see a hotel paying attention to details by creating a unique look for their staff, they will take note and the word will spread.


Two words- user friendly. These days technology is at the forefront of every business and the hospitality industry is finally catching up. Mobile devices are transforming the hotel check-in process. While the majority still use keycards, there are some hotel chains that use smartphones to unlock a hotel room door. Even some staff are equipped with iPads to facilitate transactions with guests. So whether it's innovative TV remotes or touch screen light switches, technology is a vital part of being a hotel leader.

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