Tips for Choosing Staff Uniforms

It can be tricky enough dressing yourself each morning, so choosing an outfit for an entire team can be a daunting thought.

At Dresscode, we have come up with a few key elements to consider when choosing your staff uniform to ensure everyone feels comfortable and confident in what they are wearing.


1. FIT 

People come in all shapes and sizes which is why selecting the right fit is crucial.

The best solution to this problem is choosing styles that flatter all body shapes.

- For females, avoid styles which are tight around the bust. 

- Skirts are generally easier to fit any body shape than trousers.

- Jackets are great, but make sure the button closure is lower down that a typical jacket, allowing for bust variation.



This is another vital element to consider when selecting uniforms and something Dresscode takes very seriously. It’s incredible the difference a good fabric can make!

What to look out for:

- Make sure there is some element of stretch in all fabrics. This allows for movement and comfort.

- Polyester is OK, but no more than 75%.

- There are a lot of exciting innovations in the textile industry, take advantage of these! Anti bacterial, stain resistant and so much more can make a huge difference.

- All fabrics must be breathable. This is down to the weave as well as the composition of the fabric.



Colour also plays a vital role, and uniforms should play more with this.

- Using your brand colours is great, and allows staff to feel part of the business.

- When going outside your brand colours, try sticking with rich and warm shades as they tend to suit more skin types.

- Black is also great and never goes out of style!


Overall, there are a lot of things to consider when it comes to selecting a uniform for your staff, but by following these tips you can make the process much easier...and maybe even fun!

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