10 Tips for a Perfectly Fitting Suit

When it comes to men's suits, there are many elements to consider to ensure the wearer feels comfortable and looks sharp.

We have put together a simple step by step checklist to ensure a perfectly fitting suit.


To ensure the collar looks good, make sure it lies smoothly against the back of your shirt collar. There shouldn't be any significant gaps between your jacket collar and your shirt collar. 


The armhole seam should hit exactly where the shoulder ends. There should be no wrinkling along the shoulder line. Make sure there is no 'dip' after the seam because this means the size is too tight. If it is too big it will bubble along the shoulder.


The modern style for a man's jacket is to have slightly higher arm holes than a few decades back. This makes the chest look much less bulky and is far more flattering in general. However, make sure the arm hole isn't so tight that it cuts into the arm pit. Comfort is key.


The sleeves should follow the shape of the arm without causing wrinkles. The length of the sleeve should end 1 inch before the cuff of your shirt. Generally this would be 1 3/4 inches above the wrist.


If the mid section is too tight, when the jacket is buttoned up it will create an "x" shape. This should be avoided. For a classic style jacket, the top button should hit just above the belly button. If there are several buttons, only ever fasten the top one.


This measurement determines the proportion of the body. The hem should hit mid crotch for the most balanced appearance.


The waist band of the trousers should sit on the upper hip bone. There should be no need for a belt to hold the trousers in place.


The seat of the trousers should hug the bum nicely. If it is too tight there will be fabric pulling which creates creasing below the bum, and if it it too loose there will be excess fabric all over the bum area and thighs.



The correct fit of the trousers can be tested by being able to pinch 1 inch of fabric around the inner and outer thigh. If you cannot, the trousers are too tight, and if you can pinch more than 1 inch- they are too loose.


The trouser length should end just above the shoe, allowing for the most comfortable and flattering fit, both while standing and sitting. Very traditional trousers would be slightly lower on the back hem than on the front. 

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