Don't be scared of new uniforms..Here's why!

We think the hospitality business is truly one of the best industries to be a part of. The people who work here are friendly, passionate, ambitious and fun.

There is one thing, though, that most of our clients have had a terrible experience guessed it uniforms!!

Most of our clients either, a) have their staff dressed in a terrible uniform that all the employees are complaining about b) have avoided getting uniforms altogether and either go to the high street or allow staff to wear what they want, because of one or more bad uniform experiences in the past. Which of course leads to inconsistency and more hassle than not.

This is both good and bad news for us at Dresscode.

It's bad, because our clients are sceptical to begin with, given their past experiences.

But at the same time it’s incredibly good because Dresscode gets the opportunity to prove to our clients that this doesn't have to be the case, and that uniforms can actually bring a fun and positive element to their work life!

At Dresscode we truly understand the questions that our clients face, because they are usually always the same! It's fit, functionality and style.

To address these issues one by one: 

FIT: We hire expert pattern cutters who also work with big fashion names, who understand and work every day with fashion and can perfect the fit of a garment with ease. No shortcuts or outdated tailors. 


FUNCTIONALITY: We are practical, we understand that hotels are not run ways and staff actually have to be able to perform and work well in their attire. We overcome functionality with innovative design details, like bespoke pockets, fabric with stretch and easy-care and styles that won’t restrict movement.


STYLE: With a background in luxury fashion, our designer Diana Christie studied in the prestigious Parsons Paris and chose to leave the world of high fashion to bring what she knows in trends, styles, fabric and innovation. 


So, don’t be scared. Our clients can assure you that uniforms can bring a positive experience, for managers, staff and clients. Just give us a ring ;)



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