Case Study: The Nadler Hotels

Dresscode are very proud to have worked with some great clients so far, and one them is the Nadler Hotel Group.

With an array of hospitality awards (winning Traveller Choice awards 2017, Trip advisors Certificate of excellence as well as 4.7/ 5 customer review rating) the Nadler Hotels are beautifully designed group of boutique hotels which have a unique approach of partnering with their buzzing local community, offering special dining discounts for their customers and encouraging them to explore their surroundings rather than stay inside the hotel with room service.

The owner Robert is a savvy business man, but also very charming and welcoming. His team have been an absolute pleasure to work with and all his staff are equally friendly and upbeat.

For their uniform, we wanted to keep the design sleek and modern to match the brand of the hotel, so naturally opted for all black suits for men and women. The Nalder logo is embroidered onto the wrist area of the jacket sleeve, so that when guests are greeted they catch a glimpse of the sleek logo and immediately notice the attention to detail the hotel holds. The fabric is an Italian stretch fabric which has been used by high end fashion companies such as Prada for the past 15 years.


Needless to say the staff are happy and confident in their new uniforms and Robert Nadler has kindly commented “Overall the consistency of the look and the logo on the arm make for a much improved first impression. It has been both fun and productive working with Dresscode Uniforms.” 

For us at Dresscode, it has been a pleasure working with Nalder Hotels!

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